Monday, 11 June 2012

Article Writing tools for Beginners and experts

Articles or website contents are the core of all internet marketing. Writing a good original article is really a talent. But this talent is not getting by birth. It is really acquired. One can earn such ability with effort. If you want to make a good online income you must write good unique quality articles.  If you can  submit unique articles all over the internet through article directories, article oriented websites etc. get you enough quality back links to your website and this back links bring customers and visitors to your website directly through your back links and indirectly through search engines.

When you  submit  articles,  submit  it to good article websites or ezine websites with high page rank gives your website a high page rank and more targeted visitors through search engines. But writing articles are not easy task. You have to get more knowledge for writing good content articles.

There are certain tools available in internet to write and  submit  good quality articles to your own blog or website and various article directories and free articles websites. These tools are useful to write good unique content articles and can make it to thousands of unique articles and submit to various websites. Following are some useful article marketing tools you may use it to write good content articles.

Killer Content: This article marketing tool help you to select good PLR articles in your niche and can make it to a bunch of good unique articles. This allows you to post your articles in your blog and can place advertisements in your articles. This tool allows you to use the facility for unlimited years with a small onetime fee. It teaches you all the process through video training and a zero can become a hero in articles marketing and money-making blogs.  Read more about Killer content tool.

Plagiarism and grammar checking: One of the important hurdles of article writers is grammar and duplicate content. IF you  submit  a duplicate content search engines may penalize you and it becomes an adverse effect. You must write and post only original unique articles. You can check your articles with this plagiarism checking tool and it will help you to make your content original and help you to correct all grammatical mistakes from your articles. Read more about Plagiarism checking tool.

Submit your articles automatically: You can write a lot of quality articles with the help of the above tools. But you must  submit  it to various articles directories and websites to get a good publicity and back links which provides you a good search engine optimization. This tool helps you to submit  your articles to hundreds of articles directories and websites andhelp you to make hundreds of unique versions from a single article and you can earn hundreds of back links from your single article. It is really a useful tool for article submission.  Read more about article submission tool.

Search Engine Optimization Tool: This is another tool helpful for blogging and article marketing. This SEO tool helps you to get a good search engine optimization with all related directions and helps. This tool allows you a free joining without giving your credit card details. You can continue as a free member and can avail a major part of their facilities. Read more about SEO tool.

With all the above article marketing tools you can be a good blogger and good article writer and can earn a good income throughout your life.

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